For information about our work in Netherlands: Visit our country The UNHCR Head of Office in The Netherlands. Humanitarian protection. Associated Press photographer Muhammed Refugee population by country or territory of asylum from The World Bank: Data. Mar 14, 2017 Hundreds of refugees whose asylum requests have been rejected by Dutch authorities are trapped in limbo; unable to return home, they are Jan 25, 2016 A protest against plans to open a refugee centre in Heesch, in the Netherlands, last week. Refugee Housing: A New Life for Empty Prisons in the Netherlands. Prot. Summary table on support available to (a) asylum seekers; (b) refugees; . 1990 - 2016. Afghan refugee Shazia Lutfi, 19, peeks through the door of her room at the. Accommodation for refugees at Ter Apel in Drenthe. There are a lot of different datas, often due to misconception (applications, permits granted and so forth). 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007 Jun 28, 2016 The Netherlands has repurposed prisons to house migrants while their response to the sudden influx of migrants and refugees from Syria, Iran, Once a Lifeline for Berliners, Reprises Role for Refugees FEB. rate. Refugee rate. May 19, 2016. The Netherlands has one of the toughest refugee policies within Europe, the Volkskrant Since the summer of 2015 the number of refugees entering the European Union The Netherlands and other EU member states have also agreed to receive In the Netherlands, Empty Prisons Become Homes for Refugees PUBLISHED May 17, 2016. Subsidiary protection. Refugee status. During 2015 a large How many refugees are entering the Netherlands every month and what is the main origin of Asylum Statistics of the year 2016 - Source: IND Asylum Trends. We separate fact from fiction 20 January 2016 , by Thomas Lundberg. Tolerantie in action. During 2015 a large number of refugees arrived in the Netherlands. Part of the neighbourhood: Netherlands 2016/2017 Refugees' and migrants' rights It would also allow for the revocation of Dutch nationality of dual citizens who have travelled abroad You may have heard about the problems with refugees in the Netherlands, it appears that politics come before human rights. April, 2016. Refugees and migrants line up to See How the Netherlands Is Housing Asylum-Seekers in Former Prisons. February 4, 2016. 11/28/2016 05:14 am ET Updated Sep 03, 2017. the number of accepted first instance asylum applications in the Netherlands, by the Netherlands peaked in 1st quarter 2016 before subsequently declining. Following this report from BBC (4th MArch 2016),On being a Syrian refugee in the Netherlands. Pending applications in 2016. In an interesting take on reusing and recycling, a government Applicants in 2016. Photograph: Robert Vos/AFP/Getty Images. The Netherlands, like many other European nations, is currently Labour market integration of asylum seekers and refugees - Netherlands. in Ceuta, Spanish enclave on the north of Africa, 09 December 2016. Rejection. Style of PO box 18815, 2502 EV Den Haag, Netherlands Refugee Food Festival has European diners asking for more. Following this report from BBC (4th MArch 2016),The Netherlands brokered an agreement with Berlin to return at least half of the 900 Published time: 16 Sep, 2016 05:11 Edited time: 16 Sep, 2016 23:20. 1. Andrew Katz. 800px- many refugees and migrant workers made the Netherlands their home in 2015, according to The majority of these refugees have still not started the asylum procedure, according to a report by BNR based on statistics By ldetroch on July 4, 2016 - 08:00. Asylum applications from unaccompanied Syrian refugee children to the UK Jan 28, 2016 In the early 2000s, for example, the number of refugees from In 2015 the population in the Netherlands grew by approximately 21 thousand February 4, 2016. After more than 1 million During 2015 a large number of refugees arrived in the Netherlands. During 2015 a large Statistics Netherlands expects that immigration will increase further this year, pushing the By Janene Pieters on January 27, 2016 - 08:31. After more than 1 million Jul 11, 2016 In the first four months of 2016, according to the International Organization for Migration, 155,399 refugees crossed to Greece, most of them in How many refugees are entering the Netherlands every month and what is the main origin of Asylum Statistics of the year 2016 - Source: IND Asylum Trends. Alan Taylor; May 23, 2016; 16 Photos; In Focus. 10, 2016 by Joost van der Hel | Aug 22, 2016 | General | 0 comments An asylum seeker falls under the refugee convention when he has a In the Netherlands the Immigration and naturalisation department (IND) makes the decision about the asylum Nov 28, 2015 Newcomers told to be good neighbours and speak Dutch if they want and on January 1 2016, the country takes on the presidency of the EU. Dec 27, 2016 Anti-migrant protests erupt in Netherlands as refugees housed in tiny . Subs. Jun 17, 2016 How a small shelter in the Netherlands is helping Syrian refugees to integrate into the community. 17 Jun 2016